Puppy & Dog Care Sheet Tips

Exams & Vaccinations: -          Worm puppies at 10 days and every 2 weeks until 20 weeks old (CDC guidelines) -          6 weeks:  Exam, Parvo, deworm (PyPa) -          9 weeks:  Exam, DHPPV, deworm, start Heartworm prevention -          12-14 weeks:  Exam, deworm, DHLPPV, Rabies -          Yearly (12 months after initial rabies):  Exam, deworm, Rabies booster then boostered every 3 years thereafter); DHLPPV; Bordatella (if a boarding dog or in social situations with other dogs). Spay (removal of the uterus and both ovaries):  12 – 18 weeks, depending on breed, to prevent both unwanted pregnancy and uterine infection (pyometra) which is life threatening. Neuter (removal of both testicles):  12 – 18 weeks, depending on breed, to prevent both unwanted mating and testosterone induced prostate enlargement which can cause life threatening urine outflow blockage. Deworming:  Puppy schedule as above.  Adult dogs every 6 months, especially dogs with access to the outdoors. Flea & Tick Control: Monthly (for life):  Fleas carry tapeworm eggs.  Ticks carry several blood borne dieseases for dogs (Ehrlichia, Anaplasma, Lyme, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, etc).  Our program is tailored to fit pet's environment/owner's preference. Heartworm Prevention:  To be taken monthly for life.  Heartworm infection occurs in approximately 100% of exposed dogs.  See heartwormsociety.org.  Recommend yearly test if prevention has not been consistent.  We recommend Revolution, Heartgard, Advantage Multi, or Trifexis, dependant upon breed and other needs. Weight Control:  Exercise is important!  Play with you dog daily!  Avoid table scraps and store bought treats.  Feed each dog individually. Dental Cleanings:  Recommendation is based on yearly exam.  Recommend brushing teeth 3 times a week using an enzymatic canine toothpaste.  Enzymatic dental chews, oral rinses and special diets are also helpful in keeping teeth clean. Training:  Start housebreaking as a puppy (8 weeks).  Use a gentle, positive correction or reinforcement.  Housebreaking can take a few months.  Obedience training can begin at 5 – 6 months. Recommended Websites:
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