Kitten and Cat Care Sheet Tips

[b]Exams & Vaccinations:[/b]

-         Worm kitten with pyrantel pamoate at 10 days and every 2 weeks until 12 weeks old.  Start to wean at 5 weeks and completely wean by 6 weeks of age.

-         8 weeks:  Exam,  FeLV test, FVRCP (1st of two), deworm (PyPa)

-         10 weeks:  Exam, FeLV (1st of two), FVRCP (2nd); Start monthly heartworm prevention

-         14 weeks:  Exam; FeLV (2nd), Rabies, Spay or neuter

-         Yearly: 12 months after initial rabies and then every 3 years (we use a 3-year vaccine.  FVRCP updated yearly & FeLV updated yearly until 5 years of age.  

[b]Spay [/b]
(removal of the uterus and both ovaries):  Done at 14 weeks of age to prevent unwanted pregnancy and uterine infection (pyometra) which is life threatening.
[b]Neuter [/b]
(removal of both testicles):  Done at 14 weeks of age to prevent urine marking and unwanted mating.  Neutering also reduces the desire to roam.
  Kitten schedule as above.  Adult cats every 6 months even if only indoors.  Recommend using the pour on wormer Profender.
[b]Flea, Tick & Heartworm Control:  [/b]
Revolution or Advantage Multi monthly for life after 10 weeks of age.  (See websites below)  Fleas carry tapeworm eggs and a blood borne parasite Heamobart/Mycoplasm spp which can lead to anemia.  Ticks carry the blood borne parasite cytauxzoon felis that is 99.9% fatal to cats.  We suggest cats in Lincoln County stay indoors.
[b]Weight Control:[/b]
  Exercise daily!  Play with them with toys.  Limit food.  Hand feed two times a day.  Do not free feed (i.e. leave food out all the time).  No treats are needed.
[b]Dental Cleanings:[/b]
  Preventive care: start brushing teeth three times a week at 8 wks of age with enzymatic cat toothpaste.  Can also give dental chews with dental enzymes added. The veterinarian will recommend cleaning if necessary.
  Recommended at time of spay/neuter (12 – 14 weeks of age).  Recovery is much easier if the cat weighs less that 6 lbs.
[b]Litter Box Suggestion:  [/b]
To prevent eliminations outside of box, provide 1 litter box for each cat in household.  Use the largest low sided plastic box.  Do not recommend covered or automatic boxes. Cats tend to be frightened of them.  Use mild soapy cleaner as needed.   Lincoln County Animal Hospital 1218 Manvel Avenue, Chandler OK 74834..Tel: 405 258 2806. [url=""][/url] Copyright @ 2012 Lincoln County Animal Hospital. All rights reserved.   [url="/media/office_forms/cat_care_sheet_2012.pdf"]CLICK HERE[/url] for a printable version     
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