My sense of community was instilled in me by my mother. For five generations both the women and men on my mother's side have been small business owners. When I grew up there were only individual shop owners -- no big box stores or supermarkets. There was a butcher, a baker, and a hardware store. These people knew each other's families and we had a real neighborhood.

Perhaps this is why I served on Chandler Chamber of Commerce. I have participated in blood drives, have brought art events to town, have visited schools and have spoken on animal care and safety.

This community extends itself to the human-animal bond, therefore we help rescue and relocate family pets and strays.

We have established a scholarship for mixed animal veterinary students at OSU honoring Dr. Francis J. Beloncik, and we have regularly donated to the President's Fund for special projects at OSU Veterinary College. 

Here at Lincoln County Animal Hospital we believe that a strong community makes a healthy life for people and pets.

Check out our Adoption Page, learn more about the upcoming Animal Rescue League, read our blog, and stay informed about the latest animal news. 

And last but not least, I hope to see you out there volunteering!


Dr. Nancy Johnson, DVM