One cannot speak about Dr. Nancy Johnson's practice without taking into consideration the history of animal care in Lincoln County.

It all started years ago when Dr. Francis J. Beloncik, a distinguished animal doctor and servant of the people, decided to start up his own practice in Chandler. At that time there were very few veterinarians and no one else was practicing in the northeast area of the county.

A WWII veteran, Dr. Beloncik became a graduate of OSU's second veterinary class. He and his wife Ethlyn, who served in the military during the war as well, were tireless workers in the community. Dr. Beloncik helped initiate and maintain the food bank in Chandler, OK. He also played a central role in establishing the Ecumenical Council between churches.

The summer before she applied for veterinary school, Nancy Johnson rode the truck with Dr.Beloncik. He was the one who wrote her the letter of recommendation for the veterinary school.

After graduation, Dr. Johnson joined Dr. Beloncik's practice and was influenced by his strong professionalism and work ethic.

In 1986, she started her own practice known today as Lincoln County Animal Hospital.

Just like her mentor, Dr. Johnson did more than just veterinary care. Over the years she has been involved with various charities and causes, such as The Arts and Humanities Council and Red Rock Mental Health. Along with prominent members of the community, she established Miss Fay's Historical Marionette Theater, located in the Museum of Pioneer History in Chandler, OK.

Currently she serves on the Board of Directors of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, and she is very active in the development of the agritourism of Oklahoma.

The picture above shows the Historic Quick-Sweet House and the Animal Hospital's parking facility.