The Animal Hospital

We are your full-service hospital. We have dedicated personnel with varying backgrounds.The common denominator is our love for animals and our strong work ethic.

Frances and Becki grew up on farms and they have outstanding hands-on experience and knowledge of animal husbandry. Chrystal, a city girl, is a vet tech graduate and fulfilled her internship in Shawnee, OK.

Pam, a retired lawyer, has joined our practice to help with rescue and to learn veterinary technical skills.

The animal hospital, with spacious, warm and friendly boarding and grooming facilities, is our practice “home.”

We offer a multitude of veterinary services, from consultations and preventive care to diagnostic laboratory, radiology, surgery, and laser therapy.

We listen to you the owner but we also carefully observe your pet. Our team of animal care professionals pays attention to every detail in preventing a condition or treating an existing one.

We tailor preventive care to each pet’s needs and your family budget. We are a custom practice, and we will order products and foods specifically for your pet. Call us to learn more and/or to place an order.

We will answer your questions in detail. We want to make sure that when you leave our practice, you will understand the health benefits of the choices you have made. 

We have over 80% compliance with our medical recommendations because educated clients make better pet owners.

Lincoln County Animal Hospital uses the latest technology in the veterinary field, such as the revolutionary companion laser therapy. Laser therapy alleviates pain and inflammation, reduces swelling, and helps with tissue repair. To learn more about laser therapy and its benefits click HERE