Treating your family like our family

Treating your family like our family

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Mobile Vet Unit

Mobile Vet Unit

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Equine & Mobile

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Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services

Hardy Kayner
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Why choose us?

Dr. Nancy Johnson endeavors to live up to the standards ingrained in her by her mother Carolynne "Hardy" Kayner and by her mentor Dr. Francis J. Beloncik. Our mission is to provide quality compassionate care and medical services to the community.

We also strive to help educate our clientele so their beloved pets can lead a longer, healthier life.

Lincoln County Animal Hospital building
Lincoln County Animal Hospital building

Who we are?

One cannot speak about Dr. Nancy Johnson's practice without taking into consideration the history of animal care in Lincoln County.

It all started years ago when Dr. Francis J. Beloncik, a distinguished animal doctor and servant of the people, decided to start up his own practice in Chandler. At that time there were very few veterinarians and no one else was practicing in the northeast area of the county.

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